I was born in Mexico City and grew up around photography all of my life. My father, Carlos Contreras de Oteyza, celebrated 50 years as a professional photographer in 2018. I grew up in a highly creative environment with my father always encouraging me to take pictures and my mother instilling a great love for music and the arts. 

I moved to the United States when I was 9 years old and ended up studying music composition in college. I have been teaching music since my early 20s and have a thriving private piano studio with over 30 students (www.encinitaspiano.com)

Recently I decided to get back into photography more seriously. I shoot with a Leica Q2 and an SL2-S. You can find some of my latest photos on my Instagram account: @photostudio108 

The need to be in the moment, stay open, aware, and in the flow is something that both music and photography share. I hope you enjoy my site and invite you to reach out to me should you have any questions, inquiries, or just want to say, "Hi!" 

Warm regards, 

Rodrigo Contreras Ruvinskis

January, 2018